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Piggy Bank Express Collectible Piggy Banks

Welcome to Piggy Bank Express, your home for the most unique and distinctive hand-painted piggy banks on the web. Each of our delightful piggy banks is a collectible piece of artwork, guaranteed to draw a smile with each coin placed inside. Every child loves a piggy bank, and every grown-up has fond memories of their own childhood piggy banks. Piggy banks allow children a fun and easy way to learn valuable lessons, not only about saving money, but about setting goals and working to achieve them. As a parent or grandparent, there are few gifts you can give to a young child that can have as positive an affect on their young lives as their first piggy bank.

Piggy bank collectibles have long held their value, and the most memorable ones become family keepsakes that get passed on from generation to generation. At Piggy Bank Express, our hand-painted designs embrace the whimsical, with every coin held in tiny fingers becoming an invitation to adventure. Each piggy bank comes with its own money bag, so your child can proudly transfer the contents of their full piggy bank to a regular bank, just like the big folks do. Choose from one of our incredibly poignant design series, like the Barnyard Collection and our Nursery Rhyme & Fairy Tales piggies. You can also have a customized silver tag made for your gift, so it can be personalized with the child's name, or a wise message about saving your pennies from the gift giver. The quality of these artisan glass piggy banks is matched only by the appreciation you'll see in your child or grandchild's eyes when they open your gift. If you have any questions on our collectible piggy banks, or need assistance with your order, please call us, toll-free, so we can assist you immediately.